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Open Front Door

Open Front Door

Not old enough to fully call myself a man, yet the front door was open wide,
At the edge of this doors frame I decided to take that leap,
From there I plunged quickly to uncharted ground,
Leaving the real familiar nest I've known,

My journey a mystery to myself,
Though fear never bumped my breaks,
Curious I walked straight towards this new world,
Fathering immaturity as each day is learnt by experience,

My pestering tutor came within self failures,
Although I look to discovery for answers,
Their wisdom went silently unanswered,
Realizing my appreciation of mistakes philosophy,

Without their appearance my accomplishments wouldn't be seen,
Accompanied by their past gave me a honest group of friends,
Otherwise the cushions to protect my falls break,
Therefore that uprising bounce soaring me into a man 

Releasing air pressure out this hot head of mine,
I remained cool level headed, to balance me steady so I could take flight,
Flying higher an higher I found the right altitude,
To deflate the squeak box out my voices throat,

Truths secrets told from each aging day,
Suddenly manhood grew quickly as the limb inside these treads,
Success now tall as if my body for these britches,
I now know knowledge just as a educated man,

I draw my futures map on the struggles of clean slates,
Setting my course to North,
Afterwards climbing it's high mountain,
Establishing these appellations as my destiny,

In other words me without that leap out the nest,
I couldn't fully appreciate life because it wasn't earned,
This boys man hadn't been able to awaken,
In other words following free advice wouldn't of got my hands dirty,

If I didn't play in the worlds dirty; my seeds of prosper hadn't been planted,
My precious harvest can't be rewarding if it was given.....


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Cherie Leigh

Hi PI....I totally agree!  You learn from mistakes, and have to take chances and figure things out on your own.  Just as I can tell my children what I expect from them and tell them it is for their own good...but they have to figure it out on their own and that comes with just living life and seeing what leads to good or bad...and adapting along the way....We grow up by experiences.  Great write. xo

prowess Ink

Yea nothing like a good hard learned lesson. A person can tell you not to touch fire, but if you never have. The not knowing yourself will drive someone wild, to wondering what would happen.