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Emotionally Robbed

Emotionally Robbed

There once was a man who was emotionally robbed

Therefore his hearts pockets contain only lent

Althought his companions honestly wanted his passion

Deep down himself had no love currency to spend

Leaving him to be a bum of love

Holding no value in desires society

Even though he wore beauty's fancy threads

He smelt of pure sour filth inside while tenderness rot

Casting away companionship

Wondering alone lover's lane as if this is his exile

While his eyes held the imagine of others in relationship bliss

Only to live lively nightmares

This remain a lifetime curse

Similar to the Sun's and Moon's of not sharing the days and nights

He the man without a woman sharing their days and nights

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Charu Shawd

What a beautiful way of expressing loneliness .
loved it very much πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Best regards

prowess Ink

Thank you !! I appreciate your vote and like. Glad it was entertaining..