Poem -



Cadaver in cesspool midst bludgeoned blade,
Foul stench spews profuse in serenade,
Innards scattered, devoured mid infant cries,
Human waste lay haste, a meal before demon eyes.

Nimiety of questions in shroud and flame,
Surrounded by cackles, beer and cocaine.
Ouija board dismantled before mantle in a heap,
Embers a glow before surreal entity and creep.

Silhouette in dance betwixt conjuring of torment,
Sporadic of lies in coax and allurement.
Sombre of setting and regrets too late,
Callous malignant sealed their fate.


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Tony Taylor

WOW!!.... this is an amazing display of the use of uncommonly used vocabulary in truly creative, poetic, form........ an awesome treat for the minds eye of the reader....... with some VERY powerful imagery that will stick with me for years to come!!...... Thank you so much SIMON!!..... yours is a truly gifted, poetic mind that shines!!.......ALL STARS!! & PINNED......I am your ever-friend and admirer!!......T xo 🐧✴❀✴🐧😊