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Our Dame Mother Earth ❤️

Our Dame Mother Earth ❤️

She whirls as she twirls her wonderful potion 
worshipping her wishes to stop this commotion
Mother Magna, our wise old witch of the world shares her secrets amidst creatures tho they never unfurled
As she looks down from her cloudless canopy up above heartache of happenstance is crucifying our love

Has our Dame Mother the power to heal ? She would if she could with her touch and a feel
But her bountiful blossoming blooms all around in the air that we breathe and her natura sound
Humanity appreciates her and could never forget her as one watches her wonderment we instantaneously feel better

So we thank you Mother Earth for your kind creations as you shower beauteous inflorescence from your inventive inspirations
One needs your portraitures of pleasant perfection to fight these daily doldrums with this pandemic infection
You give us hope and expectations to conquer Corbid-19 throughout our nations

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Jill Tait

Awwww this means so much to me my friend Thanking you from bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️