Poem -

Our fun day in the sun 🌞

Our fun day in the sun 🌞

“Would you like to join us Mam’ma?”
there is a seat spare in our car for you
We are driving along the road to Ingram valley
there will be lots for the girls to do “

“Oh yes please my middle daughter that is such a good idea
The sizzling sun is beating down on us
I’ll pack sun cream have no fear
along with a picnic full of fruity, nibble treats
I’ll grab five cushions for our seats”

So with haste the five of us sped away in my daughter’s big red car
We soon found the riverside at Ingram 
It wasn’t very far
We parked onto a grassy patch
& spread out our blanket & big sheet
The girls put on their ‘sea shoes’
for protection for their feet

Then after they had a little plodge looking for creatures under random stones
I took some lovely photograhs for lasting memories on our phones
They hurried back to the blanket
which was covered in our picnic treat
The girls had worked up an appetite
It was time for them to eat

So after much munching with crisps & juicy fruits
Girls changed out of their t-shorts & tops & donned their bathing suits
Away they ran into the river
with its rolling running water
I lay listening to our girlies laughter
along with my middle daughter


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Cherie Leigh

What a sweet portrayal of a family having fun together....I think that bonding kind of experience is so important.  I enjoyed. xo ;)

Jill Tait

Again thankx so much Cherie luv 💕💕💕