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Our Greatest Halloween

Our Greatest Halloween

Two days after Linda and me meeting, on Thursday, October 29;
It was Halloween night in Boston, a very festive time!
We had our first date the eve before, dinner out and snuggling at her pad;
We made arrangements to meet the next night, our hearts and Souls both glad!
There was a party at the Hilton, for singles to come and dance;
Wear a costume, or just your street clothes, maybe find some true romance!
She had to work til nine p.m., and got there rather late;
But the moment that I saw her, I knew I’d found my mate!
We did not need a costume, for people to guess who we were;
They said, “It is Romeo and Juliet, look how much he loves her”!
For our lips could not stop meeting, locked together in purest kiss;
Renewing heartfelt passion, that for so long we both had missed!
The mask of love was on our faces, we felt it in our hearts;
That an amazing thing was happening, new lives were soon to start!
We eschewed cohabitation, and said goodnight at four a.m.;
But seven hours later, we were holding once again!
Halloween for us
Was the start of our true love
Only treats no tricks


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Cherie Leigh

What  a magical start for your relationship right at this time of year, that makes it more memorable.  I do believe you can meet someone and right away feel the chemistry that will lead to a great relationship.  You two inspire!  Thanks for sharing your special bond.  Love n Hugs, ;) 

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

It is always at this time of year, when we start reliving the days in late October of 1992, that led to our meeting on that unbelievable night of October 29th.  It's a miracle that we did, for both of us came very close to not going to the singles dance that night.  It proves that kismet is real.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx