Poem -

Our World

Our World

Breathtaking views and multiple influences,
Photogenic ripples, colors of our world display
on walkway streets of a long line, the aura reaches.
Our senses capture the show of night and day.

Wind their way around trees and along the beaches,
people experiencing pollution harming the forest.
The stifling airpark over where the city reaches,
And make towers in disguise with dim overcast.

Looms the benign Brexit with a tiresome exit,
The prize of our world stands at eliminating sludge,
Nations come to the table, mostly sore and sweet,
Comfort is taken only from the retreat of grudge.

Trade deals falling like tiny crumbs from the rich,
Mountains looking down upon coastal towns,
At the lawn mall silent ships on the scenic pitch,
With charming structures near the polar regions.

What do the locals call them, vehicles parked on the glen
Job long ago saw the devil in the detail.
Held out with integrity when friends pretend,
The misery derived was an infliction to fail.   

But impulses of energy from our Sun’s ghostly glow
interfere with the Earth’s magnetic fields,
that looks like magic lying within the artic largo
our world will cease and build again the shields.

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