Poem -

~ Over The Rainbow ~

~ Over The Rainbow ~

My dream grew wings of its own last night,
When I woke I lay in the poppy fields of Oz
A scarecrow stumbled at my feet
And burst into light,
A girl named Dorothy
Danced along with vague regard or pause
And I knew right then,
That my life
Was over the rainbow...

Somewhere between this colorful spectrum
Of daunting hallucinations
And the happy-go-lucky attitude of cowardliness
I knew this universe inside my room
Was a destination not ordained
Perhaps a chance encounter
WhereΒ  I could draw upon this dream
With wings of its own attached to a tin man
Whose hollow, beating, heart
Could bring a rusty old man's dreams
To a place where one could smile while asleep
And wake up to a self-confidence
That only existed
Beyond lonely
That place where one's dreams
Stood steadfast,
And somewhere
Within its colorful spectrum
Did manifest,
The universal joy
Of humbly being,
Over the rainbow....

Ton Taylor


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Tony Taylor

Hi DARKLY!!..... yeah....I think that it's coincidental.... but then again I non for sure that things in this reality can go WAY beyond the ordinary!!.... so glad that this brought you some kind of pleasure my friend..... so good to hear from you....... lots of love to you and yours!!....... smiles.....T xo

Cherie Leigh

Hey T!Β  I think I am always living somewhere over the rainbow with my escape from reality...lol...I love the metaphorical imagery throughout.Β  Dreams inspire us and allow us to set goals that are worthy to believe in.Β  That is what your poem reminds me of....to dream is to find a place that reveals possibilities that keep us inspired.Β  Awesome phrasing!Β  I enjoyed the trip to Oz.Β  ;)Β  Love n Hugs, CΒ 

Greg Etsell

oh my Tony wow what poem wow
every thing in this was just right
and perfect but I would have
put up a video with judy garland
singing this song that's what I would do your poem
is masterpiece

Tony Taylor

Hey GREG!!....thanx so much for this my friend...... would that Judy were still alive......I would love for her to have messed around with the lyrical content!!...... talk soon......T xoΒ 

Greg Etsell

I love this poem so much it may inspire meΒ to write
my own will see

Tony Taylor

Cool G!!.....can't wait to see what you've come up with..... later.....T xo

Larry Ran

My Dear Tony,

This beautiful poem brought back such treasured memories, for many times, I sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", to my beloved Nico and Cody.Β  They would sit and listen, Nico's head halfway cocked, and Cody, with a smile on his face.Β  Of course, your most powerful metaphors have superseded the original lyrics.Β  I give you my poetic response.

I dreamt that I was traveling
The famous Yellow Brick Road
So I had to record my feelings
In a heartfelt reflective ode

My four friends let me join them
In their trek to the City of Oz
Each seeking some redemption
To the Wizard plea our cause

Larry xxx