Poem -

"p-word"/ Imposter Syndrome

School is pretty fine, I guess
but sometimes peers say things.
When people drop the "p-word,"
here's what they don't mean...

"You're great in your own way,
and you don't need to change!"
They really mean "You're flawless
and should never make mistakes."

They set high expectations.
(If I'm honest so do I)
But still I'm just a human.
You can see it in my eyes.

My skills are pretty nice for me,
math is even fun.
Besides that though, what am I?
Why do I feel alone?

Maybe I'm just crazy.
Perhaps this isn't real.
But what, then, is this aching pain?
that's longed to be revealed.

Should I tell someone?
A "confidant," if you will.
Or maybe I will fall apart,
break down, just like last year.

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Bella Robins

This is a poem I started a while back and just revisited. The original title was just "p-word" (meaning perfect), but looking back I realized this is more like imposter syndrome. At first it was just the first four stanzas, but I added the last two to describe my emotions more. I hope you enjoy! 😊