Poem -


I love you dear,
Nothing is more clear.
I’ll never stop missing,
I’ll never stop realising,
What I’m missing everyday.
Pain just go away,
Please leave don’t stay,
Ignoring what I say,
You remain here anyway,
One year ago today.
My feelings became real,
Now I always feel,
You everywhere I go.
The beach, car show,
I’ll never forget those.
Forget what we chose,
And that was separation,
In just complete desperation,
To save our relation.
But that’s now broken,
We are both unspoken.
My heart completely gone,
Twilight the breaking dawn,
Us breaking the dawn.
Now that’s all gone,
And I’m all alone.
But that’s not upsetting,
I won’t be forgetting,
I’ll never be letting,
You and I go.
I wish you’d know,
Where I would go,
To see you happy.
I miss you Kat,
But you forget that.
And I don’t matter.
The pieces still shattered,
Not that it mattered.
Broken forever I’ll be,
No one could ever see,
It’s too late for me.