Poem -

“Palumbo Galumbo!!”

“Palumbo Galumbo!!”

She was a wicked witch with wisdom and potent powers, a wrinkly, wizen wizard would watch her hocus pocus long thru the midnight hours
“Abracadabra” the old hag would mutter stirring her sorcery of spellbinding splutter
Mumbling whilst tumbling her hoodoo voodoo, mumbo jumbo
“Cats in the cradles” and “Palumbo galumbo!!”

Troubling bubbling great globules of potions
Bewitching, beguiling betwixt and between her emotions
She could cajole, captivate, transport him away with her chanting of magnetize and hypnosis display
Gurgling, burbling frothy fermentations
As her cackling cries chilled midst yon blood-curdling creations

She was a masterful magician, an ala kazam enchanter with her visions of missions and that gobbledee-gook banter
Frogs legs, cats whiskers and googly toads eyes boiling, blistering in her downfall of demise
No pairs of pungent pots were ever the same tho she could categorize each concoction with a withcraft name
Beware of the maiden selling wares amidst the woods, her fables are facades with her poisonous goods

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Cherie Leigh

Thanks for the warning, Jill....although I don't plan to venture out far from home with the bigger invisible enemy at large out there.  I wonder if his witch conjured the Coronavirus?  I enjoyed. xo ;)

Jill Tait

Aww hope she can lol xxx🤣❤️❤️❤️