Poem -


I was given a blank piece of paper,

you were given a blank piece of paper,

we all were given a blank piece of paper,

with no instructions.

Am I supposed to use crayons?

Am I supposed to leave it blank?

Am I supposed to fold it?

 Do I use markers?

Do I use paint?

Is there Wite-Out?

Is it permanent?

Do I get a notebook to fill,

or just 1 sheet?

Am I doing this right?

My paper does not look like her paper, 

her paper does not look like his paper,

his paper does not look like my paper.

i don't know how to fill my piece of paper.

Right now it's just scribbles.

I'm trying to understand...

My piece of paper.

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Hello Emma...


This actually happened to me when I was in grade school...

That's when I began making paper airplanes and the question block...

Too funny....

Great write! 

Thank you for the memories...



Dblankportriat .

I am Dblankportrait, so trust me when I say I understand lol 

love the ink!

Deborah Evans

Hi  Emma I like how you wrote this cleverly
using the blank sheet of paper as a comparison 
to  how to live life very creative 
Great write 
Welcome to Cosmo 
Best wishes Debs