Poem -

Past memories

In days of past memories,
I recall the old histories,
Many of them being tragedies,
Lost and lonely, hard to believe
That throughout all the misery
People still liked singing and dancing
They still enjoyed life and kept laughing
Sing and dancing
Enjoying life and laughing
Histories and tragedies
And many other vagaries
It's all so very clear to me
That people are more tougher than we perceive
They cope with things in different degrees
And keep holding on to their beliefs
And they keep singing and dancing
Enjoying life and laughing
It's as if music was their everything
I don't see it now being acted out differently
Singing, dancing,
Enjoying life and laughing
Music is people's everything
And helps them deal with rendering
The hardships of the never ending
Pain, death and misery,
Of what's happened in history
Long held within our memories.

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Dean Kuch

I pulled off a true trifecta reading your work today.

"That people are [more] tougher than we perceive."→I would drop the word "more" here, Fauxcroft. It causes the line to read rather awkwardly in my opinion.

Other than that minor nit, this was stellar poetry, as usual.
~Dean Kuch. ✯✯✯✯✯