Poem -

Path of insanity

There's a line that I'm stuck on, between black and white
Black being a void of hatred, white finding peace with myself in sight
And in between? Is the color killing me
It's grey, the color of insanity

Like standing in cement, I'm trapped
Struggling against it for long, energy tapped
But still I refuse to let it win
But I'm trapped, my head its in

It whispers promises of power
But if I give in I will be devoured
And it courses through blood and veins
Confusing the difference between whats normal and insane

Breaking down my mentality
Inside still coming after me
Reach out my hand for my humanity
But it deceives me with it's calamity
Disorienting reality
Feeding on my depravity
Weighing me down with translucent gravity
Actively acting happily while I be destroyed by it massively

But it turns docile
When I become hostile
And with its soft smile
While it compiles all its death trials

But this is something that is real
So don't heed this lightly
I hope this is something no one ever feels
This path of insanity

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John Coggins

Nice write Jon! Your style here I like, and relate to personally, as I'm experimenting with similar formats at the moment too. Followed and intrigued my friend!☺