Poem -

Peace Offering

Peace Offering

i came to you
from an old place
but not old enough
i came with stale bread...
nothing fresh
i  came with a mask
just in case
a mask designed painstakingly
to look like a heart
a heart on a sleeve
when you asked
for that
i feigned offence
at such judgment 
you turned your back
my bloodless offering
you did not
the rejection was bitter
as i walked away
your tears
muffled words

words drowned out
by my own judgements
in the court: "HOW PATHETIC!"
it was later
when my head had cleared
your words broke through:
and when all the fight
in me was gone
i thought back
and back
and back
beyond the haze
of desert sands
beyond the pain
of being left adrift
beyond the confusion
at the coastline
right back
to home

to being in your arms:



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