Poem -


He came to her with a main so feathery
As if to bow loyal but merrily
He came to her with one swish of his tail
She stood before him, skin so pale
She looked into his eyes so deep and dark
Silence fell only the sound of a lark
Whispers between them both
As if to swear under oath
To leave a life she did loathe
He lowered his back and she clambered on
Under silk layers she wasn’t alone
A baby lay in her arms
With golden curls
And wings to his arms
Huge feathered like clouds
So prime and proud
Lifted the white horse
As they flew over land So coarse
He came to her that night
To remove her from fright
Lifted her to flight
Away from winters bite
From a distance they looked like a kite
With wings replacing tails
Silk robes like vails
Her long gold locks chased behind her
His main wrapped like fur
Keeping her warm with infant close to her heart
She knew they wouldn’t part
He would take them to safety
Where love would be plenty
And a new start for baby
Where she could be treat like a lady
Her escape was necessary
Her jailer could hunt by day by night
But he would never find her saviour in white
The sun was her light
And the navy blankets were her eve
This was a dream even she couldn’t believe
He galloped just under the moon
Her sanctuary would come soon
When she gets to her oasis
She will praise her Pegasus
For this mystical miracle
Something quite spiritual
Knew when to come to her
And she knew why
The flight through the sky
The rain she did cry
Silver diamonds fell
She left her hell
And looked to her child
So precious and mild
Their eyes met
As there was no regret
They would be strong
Forever long

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Hi Fiona. As soon as I saw this was called Pegasus I knew I just had to read it. How could I not read anything that involves a winged horse?  Lots of lovely imagery here. 

I read your profile as I don't think I've read any of your work yet. I was amazed! You are an inspiration, my friend.  You keep writing, and I'll keep reading. I might not comment on everything, but I will read. All the best to you. 

Tina x


The sun was her light
And the navy blankets were her eve

This was a dream even she couldn’t believe

Oh you so eloquently took me along this mystical journey, I simply adore this enchanted tale of yours , knowing there are deeper emotions from a situation at play here..

A splendid read my friend💐