Poem -

People Watching

People Watching

Pertinacious people
Pouring out of inner-city trains
Merging mindlessly amidst hoards of others 
The multitude wax & wanes

Swarming & bustling 
Diverse shapes & sizes
Several sticking out of the crowd
Accomplishing exercises

Unaware of each other
In their own personal zone
Avoiding collision 
The vast majority rushing all alone

Tooing & a-frowing
Bound for different directions
Where on Earth are they all going ?
Some to catch their train connection

My mischievious mind has a vision
‘A body lay flat on the floor’
These commuters are on a mission
I’m curious how many would ignore

As I sit in this station
Frittering away a few hours
Keeping myself dry
Dodging the heavy April showers

There is simply nothing else to do
But to watch the people go by
This is a prominent excitement
That catches my eye

Tho I have idled my afternoon
Awareness of the travellers passing through
The last three hours have gone too soon
So “Tally ho”, I got to go, my train home is due


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Baker Street

I have heard about the art of watching and observing people in a crowded place such as a shopping mall. It makes you more tuned in with your surroundings. Nice poem!

Jill Tait

Thank you I love people watching x