Poem -

Perfect World

Hell maker, I once thought that would be me
Soon realized I didn’t have the ambition to resolve the evil that I saw 
Pity my person for the bystander I am
If you were me you’d see the walls in collapse and fall 
The pressure to fit in affects my mind
Minuscule compared to the cracking in my spine
Maybe you’d understand in my perfect world 
We would have the same ideas 
The same house 
The same life 
The repetition starts to drain us 
Perfect worlds must be built on lies 
When did inferiority drive us off the cliff
In this life we might value the things we have 
Next life we ought to revalue these things 
In your perfect world we’d have the same heart 
The same mind 
The same soul
The repetition would vitalize us 
In your perfect world we live in refuge 
Refuge from insecurity and inferiority 
And we don’t care 
Yeah, we don’t care 
Then I realize we do care 
I do care 
I’d rather live in my broken world, then in your perfect world built on lies