Poem -

Please come home


Missing but never really lost,
Not just a friend but a love.
Kn the pit of my stomach I can feel it,
Something is wrong.
Phone ringing all the way through,
Seven missed calls and one voicemail. 
Feeling like I'm calling a ghost,
Not knowing if you are alive or dead.
Wanting to hear your voice,
Holding back tears because I don't know.
16 hours in counting,
Feels like forever that you've been missing. 
Hoping and praying you're okay,
Waiting until I can hug you once again.
If you're out there please come home,
We will get through this.
We will be alright,
Just please give a sign that you're okay

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Tony Taylor

Wow CELLO!!.... sounds like you have a real sense.... an awareness intuitively that something is SERIOUSLY wrong.....I like the way you used repetition here to create that sense of urgency...... clever!!.......ALL STARS!!.....I pray that this is a fiction...... but somehow I think not!!...... You have my ear if need be!!....... Hugs ]n Smiles!!........T xo. : )

Cello libeer

It is a reality right now unfortunately....I wish it wasn't true but sadly it is.