Poem -

Some poems die.. and some just survive

Some poems die.. and some just survive

Thats it wrighters block.
Hit the spot.
Hog wash is all i got

Heaven be a helper
I’m a quiet believer.
I dont belive In strangers
we’re all in the manger.

I do belive in heaven ,
Don’t think god is a fable.
I think he’d want us to 
show what were made of.

What’s this u say about  worthless fame .  
Every body wants to just put you to shame

I ask you why u say its all lies..
Some poems survived..
But some poems just die.


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Hello Edward...

If the s**t hits the fan I'm going to have my electricity and my phone shut off...

I hope you're poetry lives...

Great writes!

Thank you for sharing...





Edward Williams

Ahh thank you sparow ur so kind and optimistic in auncertain time