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I dreamed.
             I woke.
                     I slept. 
I dreamed.
I asked
Of this desirous creature inside of me
What is this crossroads?
The portal perhaps,
Where one can free
Pure genius
According to an ancient belief
Whereby we enter
And from which we can see
And experience a view
Of all known things
That which can only be expressed
Or through prophetic poetry
Where the universe has children
Born all at once
Reoccurring as separate entities
And in all of thought
Well known
As cause, operation, and effect
Or more poetically
Love, life, and history...

I dreamed.
             I woke.
                     I slept.
I dreamed.
When suddenly
It occurred to me
I am the poet
Dreaming a life
Where when I sleep
I am truly in Love
With words
That make my life
A difficulty
And yet, beautifully filled
With poetry
Ah Yes,
Most lucidly,
Poetic Dreaming
Is like a symphony,
A Sonata surrounded
By the beauty,
Of everything
That could possibly be...

Tony Taylor
*inspired by The True Dream Catchers

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Cherie Leigh

Hey T!  If anyone dreams of poetry in their sleep, it would be you....and a very elaborate love affair with words you have.  I know that the first thing you think of when you wake is writing.  It is in sleep that we have our most vivid imagination take over, and creativity flows freely...and it is in that in between sleep and wake that we should write down what comes.  That is how I wrote my first book, "The Healing Touch, The Story of Falina's Gift"......from dreams.  The mind is a wonderful thing to explore and allow us to create.  I love your picture you chose to represent that creative creature of the mind....Great work.  Love n Hugs, C xo 

Tony Taylor

I agree wholeheartedly C!!......that magical interval between sleep & awake is precisely when you should be writing down notes from your dreams......I actually have an entire outline for a book from doing exactly that......you and I have so much to be grateful for simply by sharing everything we do as writers.....it helps in SO many ways!!....thanx for always being there sweetheart!!.......KISSES!!......T xo 🐧✴❤

Keith Stubbs

Literary excellence sir nothing else to say Tony 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Tony Taylor

Thank you KEITH!!....I do SO appreciate the support and gentle kindness my friend!!.....Lots of Love to you & yours!!.......Hugs-n-Smiles!!......T xo 🐧✴❤

A Lonely Journey

Hey Tony, 
Amazing write! Wonderfully poetically penned. 
Fantastically worded, dreamy, and thoughtful. 
Great job, Tony. You're a terrific writer. 


Tony Taylor

Thank you MATTHEW!!.....I Love the descriptive words you chose to describe this write!!......right on!!......Lots of Love to you & yours!!......smiles....T xo 🐧✴❤

Nigel Cresswell

I've had to think about this one a bit. Mainly because I am an insomniac. I am sure that I dream but I never remember what I dream about. Sometimes though I awake with the shape of a poem in my mind. I hope you have written a truth here because it is a beautiful truth. 
Your friend Nigel 

Tony Taylor

Yes Sir!!...I have indeed written a truth......for me....dreaming is a door.....an 'everyday' reminder of how amazing the human unconscious mind truly is......we have the ability to do so MANY things that we are simply not aware of in our waking state.....I am an explorer in that way.....ALWAYS prepared to expect and interpret the seemingly impossible!!.....thanx so much for asking dear poet brother!!......I am your ever-cyber-friend and admirer!!......T xo 🐧✴❤

Icarus Flocke

VERY amazing tribute to what some call the akashic records,
and others deem collective unconscious.

if Jung had written so poetically about such wonders i think
he would be followed by a much higher fanbase and could
have potentially saved the world from itself.

and the end line is profound.

it led me to recall a famous cervantes quote:

most see life for what it is, rather than what it
could (or should) be. (don quixote.)

sometimes i read your work and think you
must be a closet time traveler sent back to
this Now to convey enlightenment to the masses

(hats still off)