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Pool Party

Pool Party

You held me in your arms
And dragged me into the water silently
We both acted like we were joking
But we both knew there was something missing
The pink light covered and carved out your cheeks
And I thoughtΒ this makes up for all of our missed weeks
I wanted you to keep holding me
But how long could I keep it up
The laughing and playing
I wanted you to hold me forever
But how long could I keep it up
The whole friendship thing
I looked up
Feeling water run over my ribs
Under my body
Through your hands
I saw all the stars my eyes could see
While I tried not to focus on you letting go of me
I felt myself begin to sink
Still trying not to blink
The rush of water was nothing
Compared to the loss of breath I suffered
Hearing your laugh as I reemerged
I tried to remember that I was expecting that
And that you weren’t just embracing me
But I couldn’t seem to recall those thoughts
No I couldn’t think of anything
Only that you were no longer next to me
Because you were now by the fire
Where they were playing truth or dare
You joined them to be a fool
While I was still in the pool
And God it was cold
No longer in your hold

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Hi m, this is a good descriptive write. I feel the emotions of the person in the pool. Wanting to cross the threshold of friendship to lovers but being left feeling disappointed and empty.Β 

- SydΒ 


thank you. It’s the worst, isn’t it?