Poem -



Out of the darkness a portal appears to take her away from all of her fears,

She steps through the bright spinning lights her bare feet set upon the pavement so cold she steps forth remaining so bold,
at the foot of the great pyramid she stares up at the sight before her eyes and sees expansive purple skies the cloth made of the fabric that breathes life,
unrivalled excitment fills her soul through the entrance of the pyramid she goes,

She held the torch but couldn't decipher the writing on the walls and then they appear standing tall,
beings of unbelieveable height and inconceivable light,
graced by the touch of one on her shoulder the script on the wall begins to unfold and then she is told,

Her eyes snap open and reveal her space the place where her heart began to race,
the message provided now deep within it's as if she she has been washed of all of her sin let the healing begin.


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Cherie Sumner

Hey David....very spiritual and  bit of a metaphysical write too....The ancient writings could be of aliens or nephilim!  lol,,,,the secrets of life revealed....the secrets of God?   Awesome mysterious write....I love all the mysteries behind pyramids and wonders like the Stonehenge, etc.... Interesting story telling...leaving much to the imagination as to what happens....xox Cherie

David Strbac

Hi Cherie... thank you so much.

I am pleased that you like it, and i am very intrigued by your perceptiveness it is all of the things you mentioned.

the story is occuring in a time/space that i like to think holds the past present and future all at the same time.

Thank you again :)