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President Syphlitic?

President Syphlitic?

The Age of Discovery is called the age of Glory, Gold and God.  The fourth alliterative “G” could also be Girls,  as many encounters of diffusion ranged from consensual to rape.   Christopher Columbus and his men brought back syphilis to the Old World,  a disease rampant among the natives.  Before Columbus’s demise,  he suffered gout,  mental confusion and instability.

Gangster Al Capone was diagnosed with syphilis while he was in Alcatraz Prison.  He was released from jail,  use to have conversations with imaginary gangsters who he had killed.  Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik said “Al is nuttier than a fruitcake.”

One of Adolf Hitler’s inner circle doctors was an expert on treating syphilis.  Hitler suffered paranoid delusions and psychotic rage episodes late in his life.

President Abraham Lincoln passed syphilis to his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln,  which would explain for her eventual descent into hysteria.  She suffered dementia,  impaired coordination,  weight loss and eventually blindness.

Friedrich Nietzsche  suffered what can be described as a psychotic break,  where he began sending bizarre letters to former colleagues.   Doctors pronounced him incurably in the throes of the final stages of syphilis that he probably contacted while in the military.

Vladimir Lenin is said to have contacted the disease in 1902 from a Parisian lady of the night.  His repeated treatment for symptoms were a well know secret within the Soviet medical hierarchy.

Under Ugandan military dictator Idi Amin,  it is estimated over 300,000 Ugandans perished from political violence.  He had six wives and forty children,  and he never received treatment for S.T.D.s.   Subsequently,  his behavior became more violent, and paranoid.  He suffered delusions of grandeur and made irrational statements.

Author Oscar Wilde used mercury treatments,  a remedy for syphilis in his time.  The mercury treatments turned his teeth black,  and Wilde frequently covered his mouth with his hand when he spoke.

King Henry the 8th,  before he died, was covered in sores,  and suffered mental issues which made him paranoid and irritable in the second half of his life.

Early syphilis can be cured with a single injection of penicillin.   Without treatment,  syphilis can severely damage your heart and brain. My father’s friend Wayne has been saying for years,  President Trump is suffering from syphilis. 

Donald Trump has talked about his love of women,  use to frequent Studio 54 in NYC,  has cavorted with porn stars, Playboy playmates, Ms. Universe contestants, two ex-wives, and his "Be Best" First Lady.

Whether the President is suffering from dementia related to syphilis or not,  many psychologists have expressed concern over # 45’s lucidity.  As Lawrence O’Donnell has stated,  “If President Trump suffers from dementia,  how would we know?”

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