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Prince Charming

Prince Charming

An apple lush on crest-stark
Within ruddy target mark
Lover ruinous poison tip
Impale sanguine drip

Unharried crescendo e’ermore,
Scattered droplets pour.
Reawaken ardor nary duty
For I naught be sleeping beauty

Thou nary prince charming,
Though, charisma so disarming.
Sweet William I must telltale
Thus devotions indubitably fail.

Remote heart tarnished cold
Sought treasures nary to hold.
Wintry lips tis frozen bliss,
For advances I dismiss.

Save passions for another’s favor
Her esteem alas shall savor.
Love has no depths to score,
A heart, jaded to the core

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Rose Sho

Magical as usual...that is what you get when Lisa writes...enjoyed


Aw such a tale of heartbreak and sadness but beautifully told...as always Β Lodigiana xx


oh i do so know what you mean..sitting just trying to come up with stuff is frustrating ..but then sometimes I will hear maybe a line in a song or see something that I realise makes me happy/sad/upset/angry and off we go on that poets roundabout of words, expressions and feelings ! you always find good stuff to write about though .. and that's an inspiration to all other poets on here . Lodigiana xx