Poem -


Mother nature is crying 
Animals and plants are dying
Nobody seems to give a toss 
Mother nature is at a loss

Global warming and climate change
People find it weird and strange 
Nobody seems to give a toss 
Makes me angry,upset and cross

One earth for all protect it please 
Don't let it go cold and freeze 
Look after it wisely or it will go
Future generations have to know 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Kieran....Someday we will have no choice but to see the ramifications of how we abused Mother Earth and she has no choice to succumb to our carelessness and lack of concern to save her.  We all have responsibilities to care for our world while we are here to use her resources to help us survive...so we need earth to be looked after.  Great awareness write. xo ;)

Being Me

Oh how we need to all act more responsibly towards our Mother. Good poem, Kieran x 🌳