Poem -


 I’m the puppet you pull my strings,
controlling me with every step,
you think you cause no pain, 
you don’t think you do any wrong,

I’m the puppet you’re my master,
you don’t see the damage you cause,
My heart hurts with every step,
but you are the master pulling my strings,

My heart is aching,
you don’t ask about my pain,
My words are those which have been rehearsed,
I am the puppet you are my master,

I grow weak as I try to hide the true feelings I feel inside,
I stumble to hide the words in which I truly mean,
For I am the puppet and you are my master,

It’s hard to hide my words and feelings,
There is a flame igniting inside,
A revolution I really must hide,
For I am the puppet and you pull my strings.

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Donna Walton

Wow, I felt as though I were reading my own inner thoughts as I read this. I completely, totally and utterly understand every word of this, and if it is purely fabrication then I am awestruck by your ability to make it so resonant, if reality then I admire your courage to voice what needs to be heard.xo

Summer Skye

It is reality to me. I feel as a puppet to my depression and to my family sometimes. I am trying to be my own person but it’s hard when my whole life my family and my depression has pulled the strings.