Poem -

Puzzle piece

Puzzle piece

​​​​​​As I sat behind the lonely brittle oak tree I held my breathe, and focused on everything around me.

I saw the lonesome barley flow slowly to the beat of the wind, as if it was dancing to its song.

I moved my hair away from my face. Tucking a strand behind my ear. I felt The cool fall breeze brush softly against my pale bare face.

I gazed up and noticed I was surrounded by all parts of nature that were different in their own way. I realized that all together combined, they were all apart of something so Beautiful and surreal.

Although I felt out of place, and felt like I didn't belong. I was a puzzle piece in this world. I was apart of life. Everything around me was just striving to live, 
hoping to be apart of something special.

The oak tree I was resting upon was brittle and aged but It never gave up its strength. It was a puzzle piece that had a purpose to be alive. Just like all of us today.

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