Poem -

Pythoness of Gloomy Swivens

Pythoness of Gloomy Swivens

From the bitter sweven, 
awake tonight - I lie; 

Meseems, thee sky singin' a gardyloo, 
Aye - that's aright; 

Tis' a song from alow; 
From thee depths of wanion; 

A tithe of fear - 
a tithe of recondite; 

Thou shalt be ware of thee cursed wench, 
Tis` thee pythoness of gloomy sweven`s;  

Be slayed - !
Ye scapegrace; 

And appear in my dreams no more!
For I cannot bear the unknown. 

Archaic English Word meanings; 

  • Meseems - It seems to me
  • Sweven- a vision in sleep; a dream
  • Gardyloo - a warning cry
  • Aright - right 
  • Tis` - It is
  • Alow- below
  • Wanion - ill luck; misfortune
  • Tithe - a tenth (of)
  • Wench - a girl or young woman
  • Pythoness- cursed woman (possed by a spirit)
  • Scapegrace - a mischievous person; a rascal

Other words: 
Recondite- Difficult for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend. 


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Nadia F

I only started writing poems this week, so they're still choppy - But, Thank You.