Poem -

“Que sera sera, Whatever will be will be”

“Que sera sera, Whatever will be will be”

“Mama it was only an innocent kiss”
“You really don’t need to look at me like this”
“I saw you spying on me as he kissed me goodnight”
but honestly don’t read too much into it, I was just being polite”
“I know you want me married off coz you worry about me 
but Mama I am alright on my own honestly”
“I love my idependance 
I adore being free, there is nobody in this world waiting for me”

“But my darling daughter” said my Mama to me
“I won’t always be able to worry over you, you see”
“There is someone, somewhere, waiting for you”
“One day you will meet him out of the blue”
“Yes Mama I am sure you are right but I don’t need a man to hold me tight”
“I am as free as a bird and no longer a child”
“Que sera sera, whatever will be will be” Mama smiled

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Greg Etsell

wow what great poem 
this could be song 
I can hear it now 
I hope you do make out 
of song I would hear it

Jill Tait

Awww thsun just poem at moment luv but I will bare it in mind xxx Thanks Greg as always my friend xx

Greg Etsell

it could set as soft love song
like soft rock song