Poem -


it’s been raining for the past three days
i’m bored of it
i’m tired of having to put my coat on, and to run to my car and to clean the mud off my shoes and to find umbrellas 
i want it to stop 
i want it to be quiet 
i want it to be calm
i want to see the sun
but i can’t 
i have no control over this rain
i pray for a little bit of sun shine 
but all i get is rain 
maybe i should try dancing in it, maybe it’s not soo bad, maybe i’m over reacting because some people don’t get to have this shelter when it rains 
but i still hate the rain
i hate what the rain makes me feel
i hate what i can’t do with the rain 
i am defeated by the rain
i feel powerless compared to this rain 
maybe maybe if i close my eyes the rain will stop 
or if put my headphones in 
or if i stay in bed
or what if i stay asleep and don’t wake up til the rain goes away 
then i might stop feeling like this 
but what if the rain never goes away
what if i will always be stuck with this rain
stuck with the feeling
stuck with the noise 
stuck with the hate 
i have for the this rain
what if i i’ll never see the sun again
what if it will always rain
how will i live with this rain
i don’t want to do anything when it rains
i don’t want to work, i don’t want go to school, or to see friends, or to shower, or to wake up 
i know it won’t always rain
i saw the sun 3 days ago 
i can’t always be stuck with the rain
i will see the sun
even if it’s in a week, a month, a year
i know i will see the sun
but you need to let it rain so the sun can come back again 
and when the sun comes back the sun will be brighter 
there might even be a rainbow 
the grass will greener
the birds will be chirping 
i know this rain isn’t forever 
this rain is temporary 
i will defeat the rain