Poem -

Raindrops fall down like Tear drops

Raindrops fall down like Tear drops

Raindrops fall down like Teardrops
as this child's fear of the unknown
fills his heart with doom
His life is balanced with only gloom
Never smiles Never talks
Only pain as he walks

Raindrops fall down like Teardrops
as he hides the bruise's beneath his clothes
Broken an blue as he is abused
Never knowing always confused

Raindrops fall down like Teardrops
As he pretends ever things alright
He suffers ever night
From the hands of someone dear
His life is full of fear

Raindrops fall down like Teardrops
as the pains to much to bare
he takes his life as no one cares

The Raindrops stop with no Teardrops found
his life meant nothing to no one who cared
Love an hurt are in the same
someones life is not a game.

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such an emotional write . raindrops fall down like teardrops ... a nice repetition of this phrase . filled with so much pain tho . its sad that this has to happen to people. im sorry if this is related to something true  .. the world is very harsh

kay harris

So sorry I know this all to well. Every day was hell. I pray that you are well, The pain don't ever go away it festers up inside, I live it over and over in my soul. I do hope that you find peace some how.

Bryan Delorme

Look at the bright side of life my dear...
Free yourself from the tattered chains you fear...
I can't do it for you... But I can give you a motivational swift kick in the but...
Know your heart and mind... Trust no one but the feeling from your gut...
save yourself... Get off the beaten path onto the main passageway...
What do you dream of... What do you want from life...
You aren't a victim of abuse anymore... Yes, the pain is there and it's real...
The wounds become scars we're forever reminded of the bad times, a time when we used to feel...
try to remember the good times... The simple things in life... Know that you are loved and respected..
no one is perfect but we strive to be perfected...
All our lives we become used to being rejected...
The same result is what is expected but not true