Poem -

Rap Gods - inspired by Marshall Mathers

Tell me what happened to the rap gods, 
Tell me what happened why real rap stopped, 
We got pretenders that render raps about gangsters, 
Eating big mack with fries on tabletops at McDonalds, 
Guns and bitches,  gangs and riches, fake as fuck these bitches, 
Seeking a thug life that artists hope never fucking existed, 
End up like 69er and other juvenile rapists, 
They rumble and mumble sound even dumber, 
Insecure fucks just missing driving a Hummer, 
Kylie's lips are more real than these mothafukas, 
How hard is it to be more real than the Jenner's, 
This ain't rocket fucking science bitch's, rap about shit that actually fucking matters, 
No wonder Marshall Mathers has got no answers, we can bring rap back be the necromancers, 
Tell me what happened to the rap gods, 
Tell me what happened why real rap stopped, 
Watch me bring you the words to band the heard, 
Open your minds behind which the real you lurks, 
Let's turn our words into ammo to create a world that works, 
Fuck all the pussy's who bark fake words, 
Shooters n looters,  talk about women to the point of assaulters, 
Grasp how not to be fake boys, I am here for some pointers, 
Let's not buy wall mart mixers and say we professional bakers, 
Going crazy over bump stocks n Aka 47s, ending up as high school shooters, 
Pussy's make that their recognition,  don't be the societies Loiterers, 
Talk about some real experiences,  and throw the haters in the boilers
Tell me what happened to the rap gods
Tell me what happened why real rap stopped
Get pushed around n fucked with, don't stay down have that grit, 
Go Spartan mode no one fucks with, pound that ass like no one did, 
Have a stare that no one looks in, ladies that do are booked in, 
Asses are pillows to sleep with, sleep well smothered in tits,
Fine be fake as fuck like I give a shit, maybe make that one song when u make it, 
Don't fuck with no fuckwits, haters be beneath the bitches, 
Sour the sky think futuristic, ignore those yells from from the ditches,
This the Money and honey I get backed with, 
See my face now how much fucks I give, 
my life a grind not something I ever hid, the work I put in i use to make my mind shine with, 
Simple and complex rhymes,  are my punch lines, 
My heads an AI that spits lines, let's explore the galaxies in these changing times, 
Spend dimes on those nerdy Ailes, bring heroes to the world's eyes, 
Envision a vision that excites the minds, to make a reality that fucks crimes, 
Throw that shit back to the prehistoric times, 
Hands we should be holding shouting rhymes, creating a universe better than urs and mine. 
Lets Birth some real Fuckin rap gods,
We don't have to let real rap stop,