Poem -

Test me

Here I am now as per the expectations of the scripted rules, 
Being bound to them is a choice of my own making,
Theological or spiritual my mind always seeks what's true, 
Having sacrificed my plausible questioning these restrictions I am following, 

Don't make me sacrifice more even if your authority allows you, 
Enraged soul I see the reason you fight realize I am even letting this go, 
My eyes can never say that anymore it's what they value, 
If we clash souls I excite to watch the grim reaper float, 

Do you really want to see who walks closer to the deaths door, 
Harsh distortion of my reality won't allow me to ask u to conform, 
melancholic or relentlessly foolish it's what I live for, 
Abdicated to the system I'll go further even if I am never reborn,