Poem -


Her father lives in a care home and is ninety two
The eleven week absence is what she had to do
Finally yesterday she met her father once more
A piece of acrylic glass separates them for sure 

No hugging and no kissing for this father and daughter 
Like having a bath in winter with cold water 
They are in the same room which is very nice 
Seeing each other must feel like paradise 

I am sure this pair had a lot to discuss 
This virus has caused a hell of a fuss 
Things for them and us all will never be the same
Just do the best you can the ultimate aim

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Cherie Leigh

Aww....How hard it would be not to touch someone you love because of this virus...I am sure the daughter was grateful to at least see her father through the plexi-glass/ acrylic glass.  It's such a different world right now.  xo ;)