Poem -


The way it all goes....



You are men and so for that, you deem yourself worthy to touch a woman,
You say they are useless and unworthy of your love,
You keep your heart stone and your ego has grown above,
You forget the day you met, when a vow was bestowed,
Instead you keep her hidden from the shadows of your heart.

And there she wonders…was there something I did wrong?
How can I see through his heart and find a place where I can belong.
And she looks at the mirror and knows what is wrong….
The man isn’t sad, angry or depressed!
She made the wrong choice from the very first day they met,
And now she was a bird trapped with a lion in her nest,
Slowly devouring her until death.

Whilst being devoured by her lion the two creatures decide to give birth
Revealing a marvelous creation to Earth,
Yet the couple still fail to resolve their issues
And the child narrows himself down a steep road with no path nowhere to go
He believes it’s his fault that the love had to go
And sorrow leaps on him like a dog eats the bone
And he has his shoulders fixed down living through it on his own

But then he meets a woman as he grows
He called her the love of his life the only thing he had longed,
And he marries her and she too believes she is beloved,
Then they wine and dine for a week or so,
But the boy remembers his past and watches it grow,
From within his body the seed in which his father had sowed,
Had manipulated him and he began to drown on his own,
Holding onto the curtains of his window,
His eyes become red and his heart becomes cold so then,
He places his hand on his ‘beloved’ so she can join him in the snow
And the world watches this boy as his rights turn into wrongs
And the woman thinks
“Was this the man I had loved?”

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Marion Price

Oh Wow!! What perfect insight into relationships and the legacy we leave our children with, which affects in turn their own relationships and sometimes their mental health and wellbeing. Great read Stanley🌹

stanley okonkwo

lol thx....it happened to me so i just made a poem about it

Marion Price

It happened to.me also and my children ...that's why I understand it 🌹