Poem -

rise higher

Distracted from a fulfilled life, like peering through life with unopened eyes. The inner mind’s, that which one comes to despise. Would have one believe, they enjoyed that life. Protect that, which have beset you. For a world would succumb to thy own will. A holy man, father. Would bless you. The deepest you. Would progress you. Unpaid, that purest potential. To think, to grow, becomes essential.  Belief also detrimental, won and one becomes successful. The works of a broken soul inspire. Burning words offer life to the flame. Raged pain to a page. Freedom to slave. Rise higher, rise higher. Rise higher.

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Tony Taylor

Amen to that dear poet brother..... If you have access to You Tube.... you might want to check out "The Knowledge Of The Forever Time"......I think you'll REALLY like it......." Rise Higher" my friend!!.......ALL STARS!!....... Love it!!........T xo 🐧✴👍👌