Poem -

Footprints to a dream

Adrift from nothing to nowhere
Like a shadow in the dark
They don't see it
I just feel it, and i swear it breaks my heart
Shattered my belief within.
I see there shooting stars
Eventually i hope one day
My better life does start.
Always the forgotten
Barrel left me at the bottom
Cursed to survive. I wish for life
My steps I'll trod em.
I ask only for the strength
And i do know my lord would guide me
Collapsed and given up on life.
Like footprints, God beside me.

Being a believer i see past my own regression
Devils balance out my lord and dance with my depression.
My state of mind,
ill unrefined
I seek, to learn lifes lesson.
Every breath a gift of life.
Thought stops me second guessing.
To think helped me control me
To do battle with my demons
Relapsed often struggle
With my demons as i see them.
A whisper from within tells me
Together we will beat them.
We'll break those chains and keep maintained.
Our goal our mental freedom.
As was planned, it was written, who strived for my success.
And so i aimed to elevate and tattooed on my chest.
A soul began to smile
as it began to claim my best.
And set the perfect sail for me.
Ill put that sea to test.
Poetry is motion as a wave does flood the ocean.
The only hope i hope to keep this faculties devotion.
perhaps premote premonition or inspire less commotion.
A seed could grow 100ft one read could save a soul then.
To the masses you who own your dreams.
You became the chosen.
The dream bestowed upon to you
for you to see its golden.

I know life can seem so dismal and drastic and dry.
As coujuring thy will to seek the bestest brighter side.
Like taking ones existence for a ring around the ride.
Under new construction, changing ones own paradimes.
Plan it
live it
Own your life.
Do commit to your design.
As intertwined lines may highlight structures when defined.
From the moment we where gifted life,
We're running against time.
No caution of existence thinking all is going fine.

Transcend from nothing to everything
Unlike my opening line.
Pay the price we all must pay
Such value in your time.