Poem -

Ropinirole put to sleep restless leg syndrome

Ropinirole put to sleep restless leg syndrome

Courtesy the miracle of modern medicine
above named prescription medication
expelled, dissolved, cured... out ma skin
involuntary telltale twitching, thrashing
flagging, sacking, tackling... -

scoring field goal and unexpected win
allowing, enabling, and providing therein
peaceful easy feeling twin
affecting yours truly and missus
awoke haggard hung over condition,

viz me kicking as if possessed by jinn
totally unconscious until
brought tummy attention,
whereby said pharmacological script
evidenced ear to ear grin

the spouse enjoyed pleasant dreams
amazingly, essentially, joyfully... restoring
balance between her yang and yin,
now looking forward when
morning hath broke kin

refreshing, rejuvenating, restoring...
idyllic as soundgarden qua Eden
adam mint to consign me to doghouse
pup tent, or dungeon where dragon
exuding assenting puff - toward daddy

regarding timely quick fix with min
hum mull effort, ah wish long been
cursed with penury, the bane didst ruin
ability to enjoy, life, liberty putin
on the ritz courtesy,
how money woes dost underpin

psychological mental distress
challenged time and agin
plucky stalwartness unable to vanquish
ill fated circumstances on par with Pekin
quacker – attempts in vain to duck,
or thwart invisible javelin
bed lamb for ewe know who.

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