Poem -

Sadness of friends no more

Winter often comes too quick
Summer was so warm and kind
Feelings seemed so sure
Autumn showed no signs of flight
Yet we are now no more

Friends once
Who shared and loved 
Close once and cared for
Love seemed to be for evermore
Hope was not needed
For love seemed so sure 

Indifference won
As sometimes it does 
Even when hearts were filled with love
When summer seems to be forever
And friendship went deep to our core

Now we are fighting a silent war
Aided by distance and no sightings
Aided by truths that is measured by pain
Helped by long lost sentiments
That feeds camaraderie no more

I still feel something
It is buried deep within me 
Where pride soaks all that healing 
Would cure 
I may be afraid of more hurt and 
I just wish I knew you no more 
Pity hearts and heads are often 
Not quite sure 
As friendship that is no more

I will admit this
I am unsure how to say
That I miss you
I am afraid to show 
How I feel
I think it is best to act cold
And let you be the one
Who is bold

Sins are never really forgiven
Or forgotten
Slights build up to wounds as time passed by
Winter is here and will stay awhile

We no longer sync
No longer laugh together
How can we when we have so much fear
Fear of hearts broken again
Of Being the ex friend 

No longer does my fantasy include love
Its gone and wont come back
Did we both lose?
Did we act like childish fools?
Time will tell as seasons change
It might be cold now
But maybe that can change 

He who seeks blame seeks lies
That memories always tell
He who remembers never forgets all the hurt
Pain heals only when 
There is a need for it to
Should we keep our distance
And see how much of our love was true ?

I feel anxious for our next move
Our next ships passing moment
No acknowledgment
No fear of how actions can be misrepresented
Friends no more

Come back another day?
See you in another life ?
When will we realise 
All this fighting 
Started from petty slights?