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Everyone has that special place, where they can go and feel safe...
Being scared , or just plain tired, there is a place where they can hide...
It could be a park, or even in their car, there's that one place that they truly adore...
It's called their safe place, but when it comes to mine, it's not in any building, or in a garage, it's with my 9 month old, my baby girl with a head full of curls, she is my world...
When I'm with her snuggling at night, rocking her to sleep, what a precious sight! My safe place is warm, she is sweet and daring, takes her little baby Chances, without caring...
She doesn't know the world yet, and with this being the case, when she grows up I will be her safe place.

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StephaneyAnne Thomas

My writing is my best quality. I love putting words together, and putting a smile on the readers face. Thanks and God bless

David King

 I love this to me it describes true motherhood thank you for sharing