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Said the Kookaburra to the Cobra 🤣

Said the Kookaburra to the Cobra 🤣

As the slippery snake slithered up a tree.. he watched in awe as a bird did flee.. “Oh if only I had s’s’some wings to fly I would flap them fast and s’s’soar so high, across the land and over the s’s’sea to a foreign place that s’s’suited me.. way down yonder beside a billabong, where I could dwell in the bush and s’s’slid along”

The snake sang his song to a passing bird and to his astonishment this is what he heard!! “ Oh but corkscrew Cobra don’t you understand ? you don’t need to fly, this place is grand, I am a Kookaburra and your just like me, we live in Australia in this gum tree..whilst you don’t have wings that was Mother nature’s wish but this old gum tree is your dining dish.. with rodents, chipmonks, frogs and mice this muddy river is mighty nice.. you eat the lot!! so don’t you see.. this billabong is the place to be.. yet I am a bird and if I don’t flee, there is a chance that you’ll eat me!!

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Cherie Leigh

Smart Kookaburra, Jill!  He has a way with reasoning words...Great narrative. I like tales where animals teach a lesson and have personality...I enjoyed. xo ;)