Poem -


Drop me gently to the ocean
Let me dissolve in gentle sway
That I might float on soft warm current
Lifeless body slip away

Drop me gently to the ocean
That I may bask in light of moon
Swim deep down with the fishes
In endless deep, dark gloom

Drop me gently to the ocean
So I may lounge upon a reefe
Delight in crabs and starfish
As they play around my feet

Drop me gently to the ocean
Where I may ride the crashing waves
And with the whales and dolphins
I can swimΒ 
And surf
And play

Let the seaweed be my dress now
And the shipwreck be my home
Let the mermaids be companions
As the oceans we do roam

And let me go with grace pray
For I have loved you
And do still
But deaths soft hands have claimed me
So let this be my will

Drop me gentlyΒ 
To the ocean.
​​​​​​Marion Price


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Excellent poem angel

Marion Price

Can you tell me how or who nominated poems for the contest?? I seem to have had Sailors Wish entered. Do others nominate contestants or is there a panel or something?? It can't be on likes as I don't have many ...I'm very puzzled??? And can I nominate other poems?? How do I do this?? Many questions..I hope you don't mind me asking x

Marion Price

Ah yes Lisa...I enter all my work because why not, but I was just wondering what the criteria was for being nominated. So it's the cosmofunnel team? I see, was just unsure whether it was on likes or recommendations or if I could nominate others. Thankyou for taking the time to explain xx

Marion Price

Oh thanks Tina....you should know by now I don't do happy...lol xx

Lyndy Bo-Lyn

A beautiful poem to leave this world!