Poem -

Save the earth

The earth is born out of mist
man is born out of dust
animals appear on mountainĀ 
Plants sprout out from the moon glowing
it creates green land, high land, and meadow
It builds forest
It breaths life to the end of the earth
It's like living in eternity
The world of our own

Man spreads out like plant
Streams flow in dimension
it creates lines of order
it creates boundaries of identity
And it forms languages in the air

Man segregates himself
Builds walls of colour
Walls of inequality
And a wall of class

Nature is used
To bring jobs
To bring livelihoods
To create utopia
And also to create death
What a world of man!

Plants are in danger
The forest is lost
Animals are extinct
Even man is killing man
The end of man
Who will save mankind and the earth?

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James Curtis Geist

Good question...sometimes poetry illuminates and motivates.Ā  Nice work Fatai!