Poem -



Damn you for proving me wrong, my perfect little hero.

Damn you for disproving my theory of superficial love and igniting the dormant and eternal blaze woven into the fabric of my soul. 

Damn you for stitching my gaping wounds of grief, soaring me to the other end of the spectrum and gifting me with love like his. 
Damn you for making my late entry to the rat race such a pleasure, conforming until my fingers bleed, just like he said I could. 

But most of all, damn you for giving me a life which I no longer live for myself. 

Of course, by 'damn you' I mean 'thank you.' 

Thank you for making the new plan A so blissful it's made plan B obsolete. Good riddance to it.

But damn you for proving I could be so wrong about life.