Poem -


Shoulders back and sit up straight 
Today is the day of your school portrait 
Your hair is a mess it's all over the place 
Is that jam I see splattered over your face ? 

This portrait will be a mess there is no doubt 
Will hardly be angelic is what I'm talking about
We will look back on this portrait and both will say 
What a terrible child you were on school portrait day 

If only you were like you sister all sweetness and light 
I have now just noticed your black eyes as a result of a fight 
Oh son of mine this portrait of you will not be framed 
I am totally embarrassed and really quite ashamed

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Ha hah loved this ! it reminds me so much of my school photos..I am old enough to remember when photographers came to the house to take photos and my mum had dressed me in a white organza dress and had my hair done..but 10mins  before he arrived I fell over whilst running  and managed to bloody up both knees and my nose...I looked like a battle scarred victim in that photo!! ah happy days ...great write  xx