Poem -


At school these are the things that I learnt  
During Chemistry be careful not to get burnt
Twenty seven divided by nine is always three
English told me there is two spellings of the word see 

Only the fittest get picked for the sports teams 
Biology is not as sexy as it first seems  
Learning a foreign language is hard to spell
Always at school listen hard for the dinner bell  

Geography taught me the world is round  
In History I was told Edison invented sound
Looking back school days were interesting and fun  
It's only the homework I should have done

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Cherie Leigh

lol..Hi Kieran....I miss the days growing up before technology took off, because we actually took books home to study.  I worry now with how my children what the teachers are teaching them...and have to go back and correct a lot of the ways they falsely portray history now to kids.  I do tel my children that they should enjoy these years of learning and appreciate them.  My kids do not seem to have NEAR the homework I had growing up, and I am glad....If you get a good teacher, the stuff in class taught should stay with them because it is interesting, and there is no need for excessive "busy work" for home, in my opinion.  Thanks for sharing. xo ;)