Poem -

Sea-leg sway

Sea-leg sway

Chugging along amidst the canal current spray
Mooring along the tow path
to visit each passing village on our way
Walking onshore with the feeling of sea-leg sway

My brain is so confused
sending silly signals to my senses
So untill this sensation disappears
my legs will have to suffer these consequences

Swaying from side to side
like a sailing ship upon the salty ocean
Rocking in the heavy swell
To & fro to the tidal motion

Such an owful, odd-ball perception
Have you ever witnessed it before ?
You can hardly walk without falling over 
& almost landing on the floor

I reckon I couldn’t be a sailor
with a working life upon the sea
I may well be a fisherman’s daughter
but on the land is where I’d rather be

So sorry my dear father
I realise that you wouldn’t understand
but I’m not your carbon copy
I much prefer to stay upon the land


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