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Searching for peace

Searching for peace

When depression meets a dreary night and anxiety stalks your soul, 
It's tough to find the light 
That helps you take control

It's easy to turn to drink or drugs
To escape this aching grasp, 
To consume denial,  
And pray it will last

But when the dawn breaks 
and time beckons once more, Depression begins to knock, 
Knock loudly upon your door

The world becomes a scary place, 
An insecure cell, a Catherine wheel that spins and spins, Taking you down to hell

This level of thought leaves scars 
like a deeply disturbing crime
But I won't let it consume me
That's why I write these rhymes

To share with you my pain
Because I know
I'm not the only one,
I know that dark clouds gather

But Right Now, 
They are blocking out my sun.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Gerard....I think a lot of people can relate to trying to escape pain and using drugs to try to become numb, but it is only short lived and the pain comes back....I think writing is an excellent way to vent deal with pain.  Time and new experience also help....however that peace can ultimately come and not from destructive measures....So honest of a write.  I hope you find that peace. xo ;)  


Hi Gerard...you have expressed yourself in such a raw and honest way through this piece that I really need to pin it for it’s impact on the reader.Love the phrasing and imagery you have created here that shows the reader how this darker side of life has touched you.If the writing of it can bring you respite and peace then I wish that for you will all my heart..A beautifully constructed piece my friend..
Lodigiana xx

Larry Ran

Dear Gerard,

Great write!  I often share in your pain.

Depressions sad depths
Often try to consume me
Poems my escape

Larry xxx


Awesome!!! It's great when the dark clouds of depression gather  as you say so brilliantly , you don't let them block out the sun for you ought to cheer at the marvel of your poetry on a topic  that many can relate to. You expressed it fabulously for which you deserve kudos!

pls pleez do review/ comment my newest poem too, it's nice to hear from fellow poets for exchange of thoughts,  or else it feels like a monologue.