Poem -

Season's Goodwill to All!

Season's Goodwill to All!

See the coloured lights a twinkle
like stars upon each tinsel tree
sense the merriment in mingle
with Christmas anticipated glee

Watch the children's faces
a wonder with excess to be 
Minds full of Santa's arrival
leaving toys by the sack full to see

Outside the frost a glistens
awaiting the first flake of snow
then the scenery to be dressed in white
for a perfect Christmas card to show

Though looking closer at the picture
see the body laid on the floor
no home or money to call their own
Just flawed society at the core

Long ago a child was born
to save humanity from their sins
but has the timeless message been forgotten
so just selfish greed and pleasure wins?

Is it best to avert all  eyes
from the poor souls just lost their way?
or by our ignorance and ignoring
have we sealed their fate with impassive play?

We know as humanity our imperfections 
weak and selfish  can we grasp the hour?
for it takes only a small act of kindness
to see the Season of goodwill for all empower!

               Here's hoping the goodwill can be shared to 
               all this Christmas and continued through the
               New Year ❤️💛💚💜💜

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Cherie Leigh

HI Wendy...Those small acts of kindness have great effects...Thank you for sharing ...Merry Christmas to you! xo ;)

Wendy Wass

Yes agree thanks for comment ❤️

Wendy Wass

Thanks Jill pleased you liked it 😊